Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Pets of the Week!

Hello Friends!
I had this bloggy entry all ready to go but it looks like blogger got hungry and ate it! So here are our Pets of the Week a little late! Also, in case you missed them on the bingo page, here are the numbers for 1/31 and 2/1:


This is Felix!
He lives in Ohio.

He is a real good boy and is 6 years old. He is a very happy dog and will make a great companion.
I just love his almost white eyebrows and beard! Mine will probably be that color before long!

If you live near Felix and are looking for a cute companion, you can find out more about him on his page at

This is Jesslyn!
She lives in Oregon.

She is a happy go lucky puppy that loves to snuggle! She is adorable and affectionate!
I think she looks a lot like my puppy picture when I was on!

If you live near Jesslyn and are looking for a puppy pal, you can find out more about her on her page at

Are you looking for a new forever friend but don't live near Felix or Jesslyn? Don't worry! Just go to and search for available pets in your area!

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Forty Things Game

Hello Friends!
In case you don't know, today's bingo numbers are:

I was tagged by my friend Kylie do to the 40 things game. I was gonna do the game like Kylie and have 20 things about me and 20 things about Owner Girl but then we thought it would make Owner Boy feel bad. So we were gonna do 20 things about me and 10 about each of The Owners but then the cat wanted some things of her own too. So we are gonna do 18 things about me, 8 things about each of The Owners and 6 things about The Cat. Geez... now that we have that straightened out, here are the things:

1. I was rescued from a shelter in West Virgina.
2. The Owners found me on

3. I had a sister that looked just like me but she didn't have white on her toes or chest like me.
4. Our names at the shelter were Bip and Bop (I was Bop).
5. I went to my forever home on May 5, 2007.
6. I hope I can find my sister again someday.
7. I used to sleep in a blue doggy bed but The Owners love to cuddle with me so I sleep on the people bed now.

8. I usually sleep at the bottom or with Owner Boy. I only cuddle with Owner Girl if she asks me to and I usually give her the butt!
9. I think I am a guard dog and bark at peoples walking by our house.
10. I always flip my ears back (inside out) when I am playing.

11. If The Owners leave a bag of doggy bones on the floor I will keep taking them out til the bag is empty. I just know the very best one is at the bottom! Owner Girl left a bag out once and when she came back in the room I had 23 doggy bones all around me!
12. I jump on the door when I want to go out.
13. There are dried carrots in my doggy food but I always spit them out and leave them scattered on the floor.
14. My nicknames include Tib Tibs, Tibbles'n'bits, Tibbers and Scurvy Tibby (I was a pirate for Halloween).
15. I like little kids cuz they usually share their food with me.
16. I won't go outside if it's raining.
17. I bark at other dogs when I see them but really I just want to play.

18. I love my Owner Boy the most and wag my tail like crazy whenever he even looks at me! Owner Girl is so jealous! BOL!

1. She is 23 years old.

2. She has 1 older sister, 2 younger brothers and one little sister. Plus three nephews and one niece or nephew on the way.
3. She went to the same school from kindergarten to high school graduation.
4. She was a cheerleader for 5 years.

5. She lived in an apartment until she was 16 and couldn't have a cat or dog. When she could finally get a pet she wanted a dog but came home with "Beta" The Cat and her mom said "that's a funny looking puppy!" She got me the day we moved to the house we live in now.
6. She met Owner Boy the day she got her first car when she was 16.
7. She wants to become a graphic designer and she did all the fancy stuff to my bloggy for practice.
8. She wants to have a animal rescue someday but Owner Boy thinks it's a bad idea cuz he says we'd end up keeping all the animals!


1. He is 22 years old.
2. He has a younger sister and a younger brother. Plus a niece.
3. He lived by Owner Girl and would always say hi when she walked by, but she always thought he was talking to someone else so she never said hi back, BOL!
4. His mom told Owner Girl's mom that he had a crush on her. One day OB's mom called him down to take out the garbage but really she had OG there at the door to meet him.

5. He had a orange kitty named Aries that Owner Girl gave him. Aries ran away when Beta "The Cat" moved in. :(

6. He is very handy and can build things, fix cars, install tv's, dvd players, speakers and all kinds of stuff.
7. He always tries to get out of things he doesn't want to do by playin Rock, Paper, Scissors. But he usually loses.
8. He is very funny and is always telling jokes and making peoples laugh!


1. She was born in November of 2002.
2. Owner Girl brought her home when she was a little tiny kitten.

3. She has always loved Owner Boy more too.
4. She usually drinks water by dipping her paw in the water dish and licking it off.
5. She had kittens before she was spayed because when OG brought her in to the vet she was already preggers! Some peoples let her out on accident.
6. She peed on Owner Boy once when he was sleeping! BOL! It took him a little while to forgive her!

So that's some stuff about me, well us I guess! I have to tag 3 friends but I just can't choose, so if you want to play this game and haven't leave me a comment and I will add a linky to your blog to let others know you are playing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

True Colors Thursday! - Pink

Hello Friends!
In case you don't know, today's Bingo numbers are:

It's time for True Colors Thursday! This week's color was Pink!
I found lots of pink stuffs around my house!

My pink toys, me playin with a pink toy (notice my playtime ear-do) and some pink sherbert

Owner Girl's pink water bottle, me wearing my pink collar, and some pink peoples medicine

me in my pink coat, my pink collar and me snuggled up with a fuzzy pink blanket.

Blue is the host of this meme. Let her know if you want to play too!
Next week's color is ORANGE!

The Cat-see-no

Hello Friends!
On Saturday morning my weekend was going great! I was lounging around with The Owners without a care in the world. It was lovely! THEN, Owner Girl went into the bathroom and I followed her cuz you have to keep an eye on peoples you know. She turned the water on in the tub and I thought she was gonna take a shower. Before I knew what was happening she picked ME up, put ME in the tub and gave ME a BATH! How RUDE! After I got all dry we all hopped in the car! I was excited but I get a little car sick so I decided to lay down for most of the ride.We soon arrived at Petsmart! "Oh, Goody!" I thought "I wonder what they are gonna buy for me to make up for that awful bath!" Sure enough they bought me a new squeeky toy and some doggy bones and some yummylicious doggy food. Once we had all the stuff I wanted we headed towards the register - OR SO I THOUGHT! Owner Boy went to the register and Owner Girl and I went into the groomer part to get my nails clipped ... grrrrr. They also cleaned my ears and made me smell like mangos (YUCK!). OH! And they put this bow in my mohawk - so NOT punk rock! We got back in the car and I thought we were going home so I could enjoy my new stuff. Wrong again! We went to Owner Boy's Dad's and then....Then.....
THEN THE OWNERS LEFT ME THERE! I was officially abandoned. I layed on the couch and watched wrestling with OB's dad. The Owners came back after about 12 years and I growled at them to let them know how angry I was. But then I ran over and said hello since I really was excited to see them. They said they were at someplace called a Cat-see-no. Sure enough they didn't see any cats there. Owner Girl said she tried to find some dogs to play with but the best she could find were some wolves! I thought that sounded pretty dangerous but she said they gave her $5. Then she played with some penguins and they stole $10 from her. She tried to play with the wolves again to get more monies but they were all out of monies I guess. Owner Boy didn't feel like talking about what he did there, I think some meanie animals took ALL his monies! Too bad I didn't get to go, I bet the wolves woulda gave me some monies, since we're sorta related and all.

Tibby Tales Bingo! Game 1

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the first ever edition of Tibby Tales Bingo!

You can access this page by clicking the
button on the top of my sidebar!

Here are today's Bingo Numbers:

DATE: 2/4/09

Remember your Bingo cards will update automatically and should be displayed on your blog. To win you must get five in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)! If you win you must leave a comment declaring "BINGO!" and you will get a prize! Good luck everyone!

Here are the players participating in this game:

Eduardo . Hero . Dughallmor Beagles . Asta

Mason Dixie . Rocky . Khyra . Dozer & Cooper

Teddy Bear . Kylie . Ludo . Pearl & Daisy

Gus, Louie & Callie . OP Pack . Gizmo . Bae Bae

Snowball . Lorenza . Moondance Huskies . Boo Boo

The Four Musketeers . Suzuki . Ruby . Addie

Amber Mae . Abby . Lady Kaos . Poopsie aka Blue

Here's a chart of all the numbers called so far:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tibby's Tricky Tuesday! (Sort Of)

Hello Friends!(OMD! Don't my ears look strangely symmetrical in this pic?)

It has been pretty boring around my house. Just look at how sad and pitiful I am! Owner Girl has been trying to clean and reorganize our room and it's taking FOREVER! Plus there is a BIG BIG snow storm coming which is really messing up my plans for spring to come soon!
Some good news is that we are in the process of working on some new tricks! Bad news is they're not ready for this week's tricky Tuesday! Until next week here's a look at all the tricks I've done so far!

SIT............LAY DOWN............SHAKE............STAY............STAND

HIGH FIVE............BEG............SPIN............SPEAK............ROLL OVER

STICK 'EM UP............WATCH ME............BELLY UP............WHICH HAND............WAVE

I will have a new one for the list next week!

ALSO! My very first Bingo game starts tomorrow! Let me know if you want to play! (see yesterday's post for details) If you told me you wanted to play but didn't get your Bingo Card code yet email me at tibbytales(at)hotmail(dot)com!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Silly Sleepers & BINGO

Hello Friends!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was going great at first but THEN my relaxing day was interrupted by a bath! I'll tell you more about that on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, I will be starting my very first BINGO game!
Please let me know if you want to play! Here's how it works:

1. Leave a comment that you would like to play BINGO with me!
(I will need your email address & what color you want for your bingo marker)
2. I will send you a code to put in your sidebar (or anywhere on your bloggy) with your unique BINGO card.
3. Each day I will announce 5 - 10 BINGO numbers. Your card will automatically be "stamped" when the numbers are announced!
4. We will keep announcing numbers until someone wins BINGO! You have to stop by my bloggy and BARK (or meow if your a kitty or...what noise do hammies make?)
"BINGO!" in a comment.
5. When someone declares BINGO the game is over and the winner gets a prize!

Sound like fun? Let me know if you want to play. The game will start this Wednesday!

. . . . . . .

My friends Josh & Jess challenged everyone to post their embarrassing or silly sleeping pics. I wanted to join in so I had to search through BILLIONS of pics, I was sure Owner Girl got some of me sleeping, it seems like her camera is constantly in my face! Here's what I found:

1. Me sleeping on a hose. 2. The Cat "Beta" with all four paws first. 3. Me in the car.
4. OG's Sister's kitties. 5. Lego - our kitty that ran away :(
6. Me & The Cat "Beta" 7. Chip when she was a puppy. 8. Me and Chip.
9. Me belly up. 10. The Cat "Beta" covering her eyes. 11. Me paws first.