Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tibby's Tricky Tuesday!

Hello friends!
Today we will learn one of my very favorite things to do:

(Owner Girl took a video
of me performing this
trick but silly her took it
sideways and can't turn
it. So we will have to
try to get a new one
at some point tomorrow.)

Here are the things your owner should do:

1. Remember the treats!

2. You should think of something that typically makes your dog bark - like the doorbell.

3. Say "speak" and then ring the doorbell (or do whatever it is that triggers your dog to bark) or have someone else help you by ringing the bell while you are inside with your dog.

4. After your dog barks once give him the treat.

5. If your dog is likely to run around crazily when the doorbell rings, try putting him on a leash before starting the training.

6. After a few successful tries, phase out the doorbell so that your dog learns to "speak" because of your command not just because of the doorbell.

7. You can also try using a hand signal (Owner Girl does one that looks like a duck quacking or... a dog barking!, I bet that's why she uses that one!)

8. In theory, teaching your dog this trick can help him learn to speak only when you tell him to. That didn't work on me though, I've got WAY too much to say! Owner Girl says we still have some work to do on that. But I am very good at speaking on command!

Oops, I have been forgetting this part the last couple weeks...
Difficulty: 2 Paws out of 5
This trick is pretty easy for most dogs to learn but if you want it to help keep your dog quiet at times when you're not asking him to speak, it may be more difficult depending on your dog and his personality.


Raising Addie said...

We are working on speak as we speak... BOL!


Abby said...

Hi, Tibby...

I have no problem speaking...I don't need a command, either...I just speak all the time...

I think that means I should be getting alot more treats...

My Mom thinks I should be quiet sometimes...

Abby xxxooo

Ruby said...

Mom has been trying to teach me this trick for months. I hardly every bark.
Thanks for the tips.
Love Ruby

Thor said...

Hi Tibby!
Thanks for sharing.
I am happy to be your friend! :D

Love and licks

Ruby Isabella said...

Hi Tibby,

You look like a really nice dog. As my person Mandy would say, you like like a very doggy dog.
This sounds like a good trick but like the other Ruby I hardly ever bark.

Ruby Isabella

Mack said...

Hi Tibby!
What a super pawsome bloggy you have!
How is that baby chinchilla?

Murphey said...

Hi Tibby,

We are so glad you sopped by, my lady is in LOOOOVE with you. Nothing like a good looking scruffy terrier type she says (which sounds like ME!)

And we have no trouble getting Reilly to speak, he speaks and he speaks!


Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Tibby,

My humans have taught me to speak too! The only problem is - I don't bark much at anything (Danes are pretty quiet dogs) so they had to use the vacuum monster (which I HATE) and it makes me bounce and lunge and bark at it - and it's sort of stuck in my head now that all those actions are stuck together so whenever they ask me to speak, I start bouncing and barking at the same time! They're trying to work on teaching me to only bark and not bounce as well!

I love the way you do these posts on Tricks - such a great idea!

Honey the Great Dane