Thursday, April 30, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Rainbow

Hello Friends!
Here are today's Bingo Numbers:
48 . 67 . 71

This week's True Color's theme was Rainbow!
Here's the stuff we found!
The Owners saw a real Rainbow at Niagara Falls!

They were sad to see that there was no pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow.

They also saw this pretty Rainbow colored Butterfly!

At night the falls were lit up with lots of Rainbow colors!

Owner Girl's T-shirts are organized into a T-shirt Rainbow! This box of crayons has every color of the Rainbow!

My collar collection is a Rainbow of colors and styles! And this pupcake I got to eat today had Rainbow sprinkles on it!


Blue is the host of this meme. Stop by her blog and let her know if you want to play too!
Next Week's color is CERISE (bright pink)!


Now it's time for more Tibby facts and stories as part of our week long Tibby Day celebration!

OWNER GIRL: Our first stop after picking our new puppy up was the pet store! Since we weren't exactly sure how big she would be, we decided to wait to buy a collar, dog dish, toys, etc. Upon walking into the pet store "puppy" froze and refused to walk! So she rode through the store like royalty in the cart. We bought her first dog toy, a little yellow ducky which we promptly lost the next day during the move. After a quick stop at my sister's to show off the new puppy we headed home - or at least what would be home for one more day. We tried to put her in a crate so she wouldn't have any accidents in the night but her pitiful little cries soon got the best of us and she ended up in the bed snuggled up against my legs. I woke the next day to find she hadn't moved an inch! The day was busy with lots of packing and transporting of boxes. A task that wasn't made easier by constant potty breaks for "puppy", who also refused to walk up or down the stairs on her own. Although it was a stressful day, I must say it was one I will always remember fondly because of the sweet puppy that was fast becoming my shadow.
If you can't tell we still hadn't decided on a name for our new addition and were calling her Pup-pup or Puppy while we considered names like Gabby, Sadie, Shadow and Maisy. Joseph wanted Gabby while I was torn between Tibby and Maisy. As you now know, we settled on Tibby. The name came from Hyundai's sports car, the Tiburon. It seemed to fit given Joseph's love of cars and my love of the unique!

TIBBY: So that's how I got my name! And you learned how I became a bed dog! I was just too cute to resist, BOL!

Here are today's challenge questions:
1. How many collars do I have?

2. Where was my first stop after The Owners got me?

3. Where did my name come from?

Send your answers to me at tibbytales(at)hotmail(dot)com to be entered in our prize drawing!
You could even win a unique collar like the ones I have!
Also, tomorrow we will be sharing some more Tibby facts! Leave a question you'd like answered in a comment and we will do our best to answer it! Plus you'll get another entry to the prize drawing!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Spring Flower

Hello Friends!
Here are today's Bingo Numbers:
14 . 17 . 42

I went outside the other day in search of signs of Spring around my house!
I looked in the flower gardens but most were just empty.
Then, just before I was about to give up I found this pretty flower!

"Hello little flower! You smell good!"

Also, today I got to eat another one of the yummy treats that The Owners brought back for me from Niagara Falls!

It was YUMMY!

Now Owner Girl will be telling some more of the story of how I came to live with her and Owner Boy! For the first part of the story, read yesterday's post.

OWNER GIRL: After finding the ad for Bip and Bop on Petfinder, I wrote to the rescue and asked if I could be considered for one of them. They responded promptly with "absolutely!" and recommended the puppy named Bop based on my application. The pups were located at a shelter in West Virginia and would be part of a transport to New York that weekend. After a week of showing everyone her picture I was so excited to meet the transport volunteers to pick her up. The morning of the transport I called the volunteer to confirm our meeting spot only to find out that somehow the Schnauzer pups had missed the transport! I was a little worried about them having to be in the shelter for another week but it went by quickly since our move to the new house had also gotten pushed back a week. The day before the big move Joseph & I met the van that was transporting our pup along with several other dogs that were one step closer to their forever homes. As soon as we saw her, we were in love! We spent a few minutes getting kisses from her sister and thanking the transport volunteer before we all climbed in the car and drove off into the sunset. Actually it was around 3pm but it sounds good!

TIBBY: Did you hear that, it was love at first sight! Of course it was since I am soo adorable and all! Tune in tomorrow to find out how I got my name and some other stories about my first days with The Owners!

Now for today's challenge you have to answer these three questions!
1. What was my original name that I had at the shelter?

2. Where was I transported from to come meet The Owners?

3. How many weeks did The Owners have to wait from the time they first found me to the time they picked me up?

Email your answers to me at tibbytales(at)hotmail(dot)com to be entered in our prize drawing!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Butterflies and Presents!

Hello Friends!
Here are today's Bingo numbers:
38 . 23 . 49

Today I am going to share some cool pictures The Owners took when they were away in Niagara Falls. The last day they went to a super cool place and saw lots and lots of butterflies!
Here is a great BIG black and white butterfly!

This little butterfly landed on Owner Boy's leg!

Here you can see the shadows of 3 butterflies on a big green leaf!

This one looks like it has eyes on it's wings!

The Owners even got to hold this friendly orange butterfly!

Here is one hanging upside down!

And one drinking from this pretty flower!

This one is a BIG moth! He was very old and wrinkly!

Finally it's time to see the presents that The Owners brought back for me!
I was so excited to see them when they got home and even more excited when I got these great things: A pawsome wolf stuffie, a salmon skin bone and some treat sticks! They also got me some cute puppy pastries!

Here's my loot!

I really love this new stuffie! We had lots of fun playing with it!

Here I am getting one of the delicious puppy pastries! Owner Girl said I could only have one a day! That's soo not fair!


In other news, Tibby Day is only one week away! As part of our celebration we are going to be sharing some Tibby facts and stories with you! To start things off we will tell you how I came to live with The Owners! Owner Girl will be telling this part of the story so be prepared for a real snoozer!

OWNER GIRL: The story of how Tibby came to us started long before she was even born! As a child, I had always lived in an apartment where pets were not allowed. We had various mice, snakes and lizzards to try and fill the "pet void" but most if not all of these ended with escaped animals, unexpected "litters" and/or escaped food (i.e. crickets) leading to an irrational fear of crickets that my sister and I now share! When I was 16 we were finally moving to a house and I knew right away that I was going to get a dog. Fast forward a few months when I came home with a tiny bundle of kitty cat now known as, Beta. For whatever reason I forgot about wanting a dog for years and soon went off to college. When I came back from college a year and a half later due to financial aid woes, I moved into an apartment with Joseph (Owner Boy) and his family. When his family found a bigger house to rent and we found out that we would be able to have dogs, I immediately searched petfinder for my perfect dog. What I found was a 1.5 year old dachshund mix named Charlie. I sent in my application and waited to hear news while I picked out the collar he would wear, the bed he would sleep in and the treats he would do wonderful tricks for. When the shelter contacted me and said that he had been placed with another family, I was a little sad but kept a close eye on other available pets and two days later two sweet little schnauzer mix pups appeared from the same shelter. Bip and Bop.

We'll share more tomorrow as we continue to countdown the days until Tibby Day!

TIBBY: Like my friends really care about any of that stuff except the very last part where you found me! Geez! Owner Girl really needs to work on her writing skills!
Anyways, as part of Tibby Day we will have a challenge each day for all my friends! Everyone who gets the challenge right will be entered in a prize drawing! So the more challenges you participate in, the more chances you have to win!
For the first challenge you have to tell me how many butterflies are in this picture!

(click to bigify)
Send your answer to me at tibbytales(at)hotmail(dot)com!
Good Luck!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Owners' Trip

Hello Friends!
Here are today's Bingo Numbers:
43 . 30 . 63
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
As many of you know The Owners abandoned me at home while they were out of town for the weekend. They left me at home with Owner Boy's Mom and Step-dad so I wasn't completely alone. On the second night my new friend Bobo came over to stay the night and we played all night! Unfortunately we don't have any pics since my photographer was not home. Good news is that Owner Boy's Mom has a friend that might want Bobo so he is spending a few weeks with her to see how they get along! I hope it all works out for him.
Anyways, since we don't have any pics of my weekend I thought I would share some from The Owners' trip to Niagara Falls!
Here they are in front of the Horseshoe Falls.

Here's a cool pic of the Horseshoe Falls!

And one of the American Falls!

And here's one of both the falls! Aren't they beautiful? Too bad I didn't get to see them!

They saw many friendly squirrels while they were there.

They also saw some doggies! This one could stand on his back legs!

They also walked down this long tunnel to see the rapids on the river!

Here's the rapids and a picture of The Owners in front of the river.

They also saw this neat clock made with flowers!

Stop back tomorrow to see some more of the trip and FINALLY some pics of me and the stuff The Owners brought back for me!