Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New House

Hello Friends!
First I must apologize for the extended break! It turns out that a fixer upper house is what The Owners call a "full-time job"! Plus packing, moving and unpacking takes a while too!
Good news is that we have moved into the new house finally! Bad news is that we still have LOTS of work to do! I have been very busy testing out the napping places at the new house!
As you know this is an extremely important job!
Here I am in my most favorite napping spot, the couch!

Unfortunately, The Owners thought it was necessary to bring The Cat (Beta) and Lynx with us too!
Why would they want to do something like that?!
The Cat (Beta) really likes to play on the stairs!

Lynx just likes to hide in the basement for now,
but he is starting to get more used to the new house.

I will take you on the grand tour of my new house soon!
I just have to wait for The Owners to get some more work done so that it looks presentable!
I also got my very first mail at the new house to tell you all about!
Well, I hope to be back real soon! I sure do miss all my blogging buddies!