Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tibby's Tricky Tuesday!

Welcome one and all to the very first edition of Tibby's Tricky Tuesday!
I thought we'd start out with an easy one and the very first trick I learned:


Here's what your owner needs to do:

1. Get the best, most yummiest treats they can find (this step is absolutely essential)

2. Pick a nice quiet place where your dog is not likely to be distracted if this is your first time trying this trick, if he is pretty good at it then try it outside or someplace more exciting!

3. While your dog is standing bring one of the treats to his nose and then raise it up slightly and over his head. Don't lift it too high or he may try to jump up.

4. If your dog sits, Great! Say sit as his butt hits the ground and give him the treat. Just keep repeating the exercise (with short, fun training sessions) slowly phasing out the treats and the hand movements.

5. If your dog doesn't sit you can try gently guiding his butt down just a little until he sits on his own.

6. To make sure that your dog doesn't forget about this trick try having him sit before you put down his food dish full of yummy dog food or before opening the door to go outside for a walk!

7. With these simple steps your dog will be a sitting pro like me, although he may not be quite as cute.

I'd give this trick 1 paw for difficulty, but it definitely gets 5 paws for being the most valuable trick your dog can learn.

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