Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tibby's Tricky Tuesday!

Hi Everyone!
For this week's trick we'll be trying another pretty easy one,
and one that is good to work on once your dog has mastered "sit".

LAY DOWN Just have your owner do these steps:

1. Just like last week get some yummy treats for your dog.

2. Start with having your dog sit.

3. Then take a treat and hold it a bit in front of your dogs nose,
then slowly move it towards the floor and away from your dog.

4. If your dog lays down, that's great! Say the command just as she reaches the
laying down position and give her the treat.

5. Some dogs will try to get up or try to grab at the treat with her paws. You can try to vary how close the treat is to your dog or you can attach a leash to her collar and tug down slightly.

6. Once your dog starts laying down consistently, you can phase out the treats and hand movements. That's it!

Difficulty: 1 Paw out of 5

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