Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tibby's Tricky Tuesday!

Hello again my furry friends! This week we will be learning a trick that can come in handy at the vet or groomers. And it's really easy too!

Here's what your owner should do:

1. As always have some yummy treats on hand.

2. Have your dog sit. Hold your hand with a treat in it, in front of your dog at about his shoulder but off to one side just a bit. Move your hand forward towards your dog almost as if you were going to touch his belly.

3. At some point while you are moving your hand towards the back of your dog he will probably get up to see what you are doing. If he does, say "stand" and give him the treat!

4. Your dog may just follow your hand with his head but stay seated. If he does you can try gently touching his belly on that side, as if you were going to try and lift him up.

5. Once your dog starts standing up, just keep repeating the exercise, moving your hand less each time. Always remember to keep the training sessions short and include lots of praise and playtime!

6. Before you know it your dog will be a pro and you will be able to do just a small hand motion or give the command "stand" for your dog to do the trick.

Difficulty: 1.5 Paws out of 5

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