Friday, March 19, 2010

The Bird Feeder

Hello Friends!
We have had some wonderful weather the past few days at my house!
I hope you have been as lucky as me!
The Owners decided to put up a bird feeder for my new friend the cardinal and any other birds that might be hungry around our house!

Here is the cardinal enjoying some yummy seeds!

We were happy to see some other birds visit the feeder too!

We think this one is a mockingbird...
(Edit: Thanks to Mollie Jo & Bobo and Maggie & Mitch for letting us know that bird is actually a Nuthatch!)

and some cute little black-capped chickadees!

and a sweet house finch couple stopped in for lunch also!

And here's a pic of me being bored inside the house! It's so nice that I want to go out and chase after the squirrels!

And here's The Cat (Beta) relaxing under the table, wishing she could go chase after those birds!

Lynx is getting more comfortable in the new house! He likes to roll around on the carpet and get belly rubs!

Owner Boy has been taking me on nice walks around my new town! Maybe this weekend we will go with Owner Girl too since she won't have to be at her stoopid work! Then I can share some pictures with you!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

PS: My Owner Girl wants to start a garden with some flowers and stuff, do your pawrents have any suggestions for good Tibby-safe things to plant?

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Snowmen & The New SDC Site!

Hello Freinds!
I hope you are all having a wonderful March!
I have been having lots of fun at my new house!
I made a new friend here, he is a red bird called a cardinal!

He lands on our kitchen window every morning and pecks at the glass!

The Cat (Beta) doesn't like him very much but I think he's pretty neat!
A few weeks ago we got TONS of snow at my house!

The Owners and I decided to go out and play in it!

The Owners decided to build some snowmen to keep us company!

Owner Boy's brother Chad was visiting us for the day!

They even made a Snow Tibby!

Of course it wasn't nearly as cute as the real thing!

In other news, Owner Girl just finished a long project of redesigning our Scruffy Dog Collars website!
We got some new fabrics and buckle colors! Plus the site is easier to order from now!
Check it out if you're interested in some cute collars!

You can also see some of our friends by clicking on the SDC Stars tab!

That's all I have to share for now, things are still really busy at my new house but I think we are starting to get settled in! I sure do miss blogging and all my pals so I hope Owner Girl can find more time to help me blog and visit all my friends!