Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Great Chipmunk Rescue

One thing I forgot to tell you about the Cat is that she LOVES to catch chipmunks. Normally this wouldn't bother me much, I've seen the Lion King and know all about the circle of life, but the Owners don't like it when she brings them home and leaves them on the steps. One day the Cat decided to catch a baby chipmunk and tried to bring it in the house to "play". Well, the Owners saw and stopped her, she dropped the chipmunk and the poor little guy scurried under some shelfs. So, Owner Boy to the rescue! He got the chipmunk out and put him in a box, he wasn't moving much but the Owners wanted to see if they could save him. So they kept him warm and gave him food and in just a few hours he was bouncing around good as new. They wanted to make sure that he would be ok on his own so they decided to keep him for the night and let him go the next morning when it was nice and warm out. Good plan right?
Fast forward to 5:30 in the morning, Owner Girl woke up and checked on the chipmunk, well she actually checked on the empty box because he had escaped! She woke up Owner Boy and they looked everywhere, he was nowhere to be found. Then TIBBY TO THE RESCUE! I sniffed and sniffed and I finally found him near the chinchilla cage.

Then, the next morning when the Owners were getting ready to let the chipmunk go, the Cat brought in another one! The same size and everything, so Owner Boy got that one too and put it in a new and improved box with the first chipmunk. They both looked ok but the Owners wanted to make sure the second one wasn't hurt so they left them in the box for a little bit and went to the store. When they got back, the new and improved, no-way-a-chipmunk-can-escape-from box was empty! Not again! With my help of course they found them behind the entertainment center. They decided the chipmunks were plenty healthy and let them go far away from the house so that hopefully that rotten Cat wont get them again.
So let this be a lesson to you, never underestimate the escape skills of a young chipmunk, and if you ever decide to rescue one you better have a chipmunk tracking dog like myself to save you!

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