Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Pumpkins

Owner Girl went to get pumpkins the other day with her mom and Zoe.
. . .
They had a lot of fun picking out the very best ones
but it was pretty chilly so they had to pick fast!
She even got a big warty pumpkin for Owner Boy and a little round one for me!

Owner Girl brought home our pumpkins and we washed the dirt off of them. Later that day Owner Boy came home and they had a great time cleaning them out and carving them. Owner Boy even used some of his power tools!

Here is my pumpkin! Owner boy used his drill to make all the little holes for the bone! They tried to get a picture of me with it but I was too busy smelling it! Chip tried to get it but I let her know it was mine! It even says my name on it!

Here is Owner Boy's pumpkin. It sure is funny looking!

And this is Owner Girl's. She made hers into an owl!
It looks pretty neat but I still think mine's the best!
I think they all look great together just like me and the Owners!

1 comment:

dragonwild said...

those are some cool looking pumpkins.... thanks for taking us to the pumpkin place
love you... this mama and Zgirl