Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Vet Visit

A few weeks ago the Owners took me and the Cat to the vet for a check up. I guess I like the vet enough. But they always try to poke me with things, and that's not very nice! But I'm tough so I just deal with it. This last time was pretty fun, we saw a great BIG dog in the waiting room and the Cat just stayed in her carrier and purred (well, until she saw that great BIG dog! then she wasn't so happy to be there!)

We both got weighed and they said I am 20 pounds! I don't know how they could tell though since I didn't want to stay on the scale, I wanted to go say "hi" to the great BIG dog! Then we went into a little room with a table and stuff. We waited for a little bit, the Cat tried to hide from the vet by blending in with some stuffed animals they had on the shelf!
They found her though! Too bad I didn't fit up there.
Here I am at on the table!

At the end of the visit they said I was PERFECT, well geez, I could have told the Owners that!

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