Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Family: Part 1

Well, I thought that maybe you'd like to meet some of my extended family since they may come up from time to time in my adventures.
First I will start with Owner Girl's Family, or at least part of it.

This is Owner Girl's Mom (Bonnie).
She just loves me and says that I have such a cute face! I have to say I agree!

Here are Owner Girl's siblings.
(She has an older sister too but I'll introduce her later since she has a family of her own)
From Left to Right: Tevin (14), Zoe (4) and Desmond (15)

Des is so funny, he is always making jokes and makes everyone laugh!

Tev is really smart and he used to say he wanted a little dog kinda like me. I'd say that right there makes him pretty smart!

Zoe is a new addition! She was adopted (kinda like me) from China, she came home in December 07. She loves me a lot and likes it when I give her kisses.
She even let me sit on her lap in the car because I was scared!
And this is their dog, Keena! We like to play together, although sometimes we get a little too rough. Maybe it's because Keena can't see through all that fur on her face!
Here we are running at their house!

OG's Mom has a couple cats too, they don't like me very much. One even scratched my eyeball last year and I had to go to the vet and get eye drops in everyday for almost two weeks!
Makes me think that maybe The Cat at home isn't so bad afterall.

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