Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Day Out

Turns out The Owners gave me a bath because we were going out for the day! Our first stop was Owner Boy's Dad's House. They even let me inside this time, maybe it's because I was so clean! They thought Joe was something called 'llergic to me, but turns out he's not!

Here I am in the house, hey there's something making noise up there...
it's a bird! I met this guy when I was there, he didn't like me too much. Probably because I was SO excited to see him that I was jumping up and down!

The Owners ordered some pizza and I even got a couple pieces of crust from Owner Boy and his dad!

We visited for a little bit and then we got back in the car and took a little drive.

Hey we stopped again, I wonder where we are?
Oh! It's the pet store!Can we go in now please?
I love the pet store because you can see lots of people and animals and it's the only store they let me go in!

Look what I found! A rabbit!
Here I am in front of the Christmas toys! Maybe I will get one like this for Christmas!

We saw a few other dogs there and I barked at them at first but by the time we left the store I walked right by another dog and didn't bark!
The Owners say I need to work on my social skills since I get soooo excited when I see other dogs. So going to the pet store was good practice for me.

We also saw bones as big as me! I wanted to take one home but Owner Boy thought some smaller ones would be better.

Then we went to get my nails done since I was scratching people on accident. They even cleaned my ears and gave me some cinnamon breath spray, I didn't like that very much! But I got a special bandanna for being so good.

Here I am with Owner Boy on the way home.

Look at my special souvenir!
And what a nice way to end the day, relaxing at home with a new bone!
We had a great day together and I hope that we can go back again soon, especially if I can get more bones!


Abby said...

Hi, Tibby...

I don't like baths much, either...But at least you got to go inside & meet the bird...

PetsMart is the best...I love to go there...

Abby xxxooo

Petra said...

Hey Tibby, that bone is GIGANTIC! After all you went through, you certainly deserve one that big. You look so happy chewing it!

Kismet said...

Hi Tibby. This is Kismet from You left me a message saying hi and I'm saying hi backatcha ... Thanks for stopping by to see me. I know we'll be good friends!

Fenway said...

Hi Tibby!

You must have looked gorgeous on your very Public Day outing. I'm impressed with the breath freshener. My Alpha takes me to get my nails done, too. I give her the dickens of a time when SHE tries to do it.

That bone score was worth every second of the beautification process!

Your pal,

Pedro said...


It looks like you had a great day! We don't have a Pet Smart by me but we do have Petco. I get a little nervous in that store though so I don't usually go...