Friday, November 7, 2008

The Family: Part 2

It's time to meet some more of my extended family. This time we'll meet Owner Boy's side!

This is Owner Boy's Mom, Patty(with Owner Boy) and the pic below that is his Step Dad, Rick

They take care of me when the Owners are at work.

Here is Owner Boy with his Dad (Joe).Sometimes we go out to his house to visit with him and his girlfriend Alice and I get to run around their backyard.

This is Owner Boy's younger brother Chad.He likes to play video games with Owner Boy, and sometimes he watches movies and stuff with us.

Here is Owner Boy's younger sister Amanda and his niece Emmaleigh.Amanda is ok, she can be a little loud sometimes but she gives me baloney and stuff sometimes so I still like her.Em really loves me and likes to say my name a lot! She always shares her food with me and gives me kisses all the time!

This is Owner Boy's Step Brother and his girlfriend. (Lawrance and Ashley)They are both pretty cool, Lawrence tries to scare me sometimes and he likes to play with me.

Here is Owner Boy's Aunt Shelly

She comes over to eat dinner with us sometimes.
She thinks I am cute and loves to read my blog!

And you already know about Gunner and Chip: The Family Dogs

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