Monday, September 29, 2008

The Weekend

It seems I took an unplanned break over the weekend. I do hope you will forgive me. The Owners had to work so poor little me was stuck home doing not much. We had a big family dinner yesterday which was GREAT. You see, I am the smallest dog in the house and while this may seem to be a disadvantage it gives me the best real estate at dinnertime: under the table! Sure the other dogs can get under there but they bump their heads or have trouble turning around. ME on the other hand, I am able to zip around from person to person easily just waiting for the treats to fall! Here's a look at my competition: "The Family Dogs"

This is Gunner. He is the oldest, he usually gets a lot of treats because he can catch pretty much anything you throw to him, while I like to let the food hit me in the face and fall to the floor so I can search for it and get a little more out of the game. I like to mess with him by walking underneath him and grabbing at his legs when we are playing! He doesn't like that very much and lets out a big yawn/yell that sounds like an old man saying "HEEEYYYYYY".
Sometimes I try to look like him by sticking my one ear up, pretty good huh?
And this is Chip. She is the newest addition and when The Family got her a couple months ago she was actually smaller than me! Now she is bigger than Gunner. She has even more energy than me and we love to play together all the time. We especially like to play People Bowling. What!? you have never heard of this wonderful game? Well, it's when you run around crazily in a fit of play-fighting and slam into as many people as you can! If you can successfully knock them over you get two points! Chip usually wins since, well, her tail alone could knock a person over!

That's all for now, come back tomorrow for the first ever Tibby's Tricky Tuesday when I will teach you about one of the tricks I know!

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