Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Whole Story

Well since I know everyone is just dying to know more about me, where I came from and where you can get a dog just like me (impossible by the way, I'm the only one there is) I thought I'd tell you the whole story.

You see, I wasn't always so loved and adored like I am now and should be. When I was a very small puppy, my sister and I lived in a shelter in West Virginia with many, many dogs. There were not enough families there to take all the dogs so some very special people came to the shelter and picked us up. We drove a very long way and switched cars and met many different people. Finally, after a long day, we arrived in New York. That is where I met my new Owners. It was obviously love at first sight (how could it not be!- I'm ADORABLE). They wish they could have taken my sister too but we knew she had a new home and new owners waiting for her too! That night we went home and the Owners tried to get me to sleep in a kennel (YEA RIGHT! - my cage days were over!) Pretty soon they let me sleep in the bed with them and I snuggled right in! And I've had them wrapped around my pretty little paw ever since!

I have only been home for just over a year and I already run the place! The Owners say that if not for a couple of websites they may never have found me. So we all want to say thanks to Bugsy's Animal Network and Petfinder.

And now a look back at my adorable past:
Here I am when I was just 3 months old.
This is the picture that was on petfinder.

And here I am the day I came home.
This is me showing my puppy face (works everytime)

Here's me and the Owners:
And this is me today, standing on OwnerGirl's Car. I can get away with anything!
So that's my story, hope you enjoyed it!

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