Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Cat, the Lizard and the Chinchillas.

These are the animals that also frequent or live in MY room, so I thought I'd introduce them.

First, the Cat:
"Beta" as the Owners call her. She is always coming in here and eating my food, sleeping on my bed and the other day she even tried to get my bone! Ok, so she didn't even move off the bed but I saw her eyeing it, don't worry though I snapped at her and put her right back in her place. We get along sometimes but when I realize I am laying too close to her on the bed I am sure to roll over on top of her so she moves, clever huh?

Next up, the Lizard:"Myron", believe it or not he's been around for a few years now (even longer than me) but I JUST found out about him when the Owners took him out a couple months ago. Imagine my surprise, a Godzilla Jr. living under the same roof all this time. I guess that'll happen when your only a foot and a half tall like me but Geez! Someone coulda told me. Needless to say our first meeting didn't go all that well... I tried to eat him. The Owners quickly told me "No" so don't worry he's just fine, and if they want to risk their lives with that mini-monster what can a little dog do?

And lastly, the Chinchillas:
There's actually 3 of them but I guess one is a little camera shy. They are all ok I suppose, I like to keep them on their toes by jumping up against the doors of their cage every once in awhile. The Owners just got them a big bubble thing that they are supposed to run around in, well I don't think they are very smart because they just stand there when they're in it. I tried to show them that it rolls by slapping at the ball with my paw but the Owners said "No" to that too. Can't a dog have any fun around here?

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