Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Sticky Note & New Awards!

Hello Friends!
Here are today's Bingo Numbers:
47 . 26 . 28
Owner Girl went out to her car yesterday and found this nice little sticky note from Owner Boy!

I was sure that he must have left one for me too so I looked around the house.
I thought that maybe he left it by my food dish...

But there nothing there but food and water.
Then I thought maybe he left my sticky note by my leash.

But it wasn't there either!
He didn't leave me one at all! So I decided I am going to be mopey.

Don't I look so sad?

Lucky for me some of my blog freinds were thinking of me and gave me some nice awards!
That cheered me up a little!

I got this award from Clover awhile ago! Sadly her bloggy is gone now but I hope she will be back real soon!

Then I got these two awards from my new friend Chase the Puggle!

For this award I have to list 5 reasons why life is grand:

1. I have great Owners who love me! (Even if they don't leave me sticky notes)
2. Winter is over and the weather is getting nice!
3. I am super smart and know lots of great tricks!
4. Sometimes Owner Boy feeds me table scraps! I guess that better than a sticky note any day!
5. I love my bloggy and all the wonderful friends I have met!

Pink Roses are given to all friends out there, bringing them a sweet and fruitful day. Those who receive these roses as a gift, you need to pass it on to 10 friends of yours to show them you care. And of course, for those who received the roses, that's to show that, you're never forgotten.

All these awards are so very sweet! Thanks a bunch!
I'd like to pass them on to:
Hansel , The OP Pack , Teddy Bear , Reilly , Moco , Pearl , Rocky , Roxy , Asta & Joey!

PS: Don't forget to vote in my poll! Only 4 days left to vote and only 5 days until the surprise!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh yes!

Woo did the mope furry well!

I'm sure he'll leave woo a stikhky note after he gets to read this!

Khongrats on your pawesome awards! Great furiends woo passed the roses along to!


GoldenSamantha said...

Congrats on your awards Tibby! And wonderful friends you passed them onto! Sorry that you didn't get a sticky note, but you seem to have lots of other great things!
Hugs and Love,
xo Sammie

Peanut said...

He should have left you a note too

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Maybe your dad thinks that you can't read. Although that wouldn't make sense because you can obviously read since you can blog.

I bet he didn't leave you a note today because he didn't want you to think that his saying "I love you, Tibby" was an April Fools joke.


Lorenza said...

Congratulations on your Awards Tibby!
Would be nice if he leaves a note for you too!
Kisses and hugs

♥玮倩 said...


congrats on all of your awards! :] dont be too sad, cheer up!

best regards

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Awww...I'm sure Owner Boy has something for you when he gets back, Tibby! Cheer up...=)

Congrats on your awards! You sure deserve them...*grins* Hope you have a great week!


Teddy Bear said...

I hope you get a sticky note soon. How cool that your leash has your name written on it.

Teddy Bear

Tracey and Huffle said...

Congratulations on all your awards Tibby! I can't wait to see the surprise.

Huffle Mawson

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Tibby,

That was such a sweet thing for your Owner Boy to do! And how could he not leave one for you too?! You looked so cute when you were "moping"

Congrats on your new awards!

Honey the Great Dane

Bae Bae said...

You sure look sad there Tibby. I hope you get a love note too

~ Bae

Ludo van puppy said...

Too bad you didn't get a note too Tibby, you will has to show owner boy your mopey face.
Congrats on your awards, very well deserved!
~lickies, Ludo

Pearl said...

Tibby! Thank you so much for the awards!

I just KNOW owner boy wrote you a sticky note, and you haven't found it yet. Keep lookin'!

Mack said...

We are all SO glad Spring has sprung!! We don't like the cold weather!
I think table scraps are way better than a sticky note! You are a lucky pooch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tibby! Thanks for the great awards! That's so nice of you!

Here's a sticky note from me:
I'm glad you're my friend. Have a great day!

See ya!

The Devil Dog said...

Tibby, thank you soooo much for the award. How sweet of you. Do remember that table scraps are way better than sticky notes anyway. And besides, us pugs are not supposed to know how to read. So what would be the point of writing us a note. Food is the ultimate love answer!


Moco said...

Thanks for the awards. I will get them on my slide show.
Table scraps are better than a note anyday.

Simba and Jazzi said...

Congratulations on your awards.

Simba and Jazzi xx

Byron y Xinver said...

Hi, we were in time to vote in your poll. And please, don't be sad, as you wrote in your blog life is grand.

Clover said...

Hi Tibby!
Aw, Owner Boy might leave you a sticky note on a different day. Don't be sad!
And I promise to come back soon to my own blog, but in the meantime I am trying to keep visiting my friends!
Love Clover xo

Anonymous said...

Tibby You little RASCAL!! I went for a walk with Mom and Dad down to the mail box because Daddy was expecting a package and guess what I found! A PACKAGE FOR ME!!! Thank you soo much! I will be posting on my blog about it tonight if I can get Mommy to share the computer, if not, first thing in the morning! Thank you again! I love it all!!

BIG Licks,

Thor said...

Congrats on your awards!


Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

You have a super cute mopey face! You should get a special sticky just for that. :)

We agree: life is grand! (Especially if you're a cute dog!)


The OP Pack said...

OMD, Tibby, we didn't have time to get here until now, but thank you so much for sharing your awards with us. And congrats to you. We have to get going and post about this. You are so sweet.

Woos, the OP Pack

The Army of Four said...

Congrats on the awards... but oh, MY, Tibby! You look so sad, it's like your heart is broken!!!