Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Spring Flower

Hello Friends!
Here are today's Bingo Numbers:
14 . 17 . 42

I went outside the other day in search of signs of Spring around my house!
I looked in the flower gardens but most were just empty.
Then, just before I was about to give up I found this pretty flower!

"Hello little flower! You smell good!"

Also, today I got to eat another one of the yummy treats that The Owners brought back for me from Niagara Falls!

It was YUMMY!

Now Owner Girl will be telling some more of the story of how I came to live with her and Owner Boy! For the first part of the story, read yesterday's post.

OWNER GIRL: After finding the ad for Bip and Bop on Petfinder, I wrote to the rescue and asked if I could be considered for one of them. They responded promptly with "absolutely!" and recommended the puppy named Bop based on my application. The pups were located at a shelter in West Virginia and would be part of a transport to New York that weekend. After a week of showing everyone her picture I was so excited to meet the transport volunteers to pick her up. The morning of the transport I called the volunteer to confirm our meeting spot only to find out that somehow the Schnauzer pups had missed the transport! I was a little worried about them having to be in the shelter for another week but it went by quickly since our move to the new house had also gotten pushed back a week. The day before the big move Joseph & I met the van that was transporting our pup along with several other dogs that were one step closer to their forever homes. As soon as we saw her, we were in love! We spent a few minutes getting kisses from her sister and thanking the transport volunteer before we all climbed in the car and drove off into the sunset. Actually it was around 3pm but it sounds good!

TIBBY: Did you hear that, it was love at first sight! Of course it was since I am soo adorable and all! Tune in tomorrow to find out how I got my name and some other stories about my first days with The Owners!

Now for today's challenge you have to answer these three questions!
1. What was my original name that I had at the shelter?

2. Where was I transported from to come meet The Owners?

3. How many weeks did The Owners have to wait from the time they first found me to the time they picked me up?

Email your answers to me at tibbytales(at)hotmail(dot)com to be entered in our prize drawing!


Nibbles Treats said...

Beautiful flower Tibby!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

The flower is pretty BUT woo are prettier!

My mom knows the wonder of transports! It is always soooo khool to hear about them!

Your yummy looked YUMMY!


Pedro said...


Love the story! The answers are: Bop, West Virginia, 2 weeks. Can't wait for the story to continue!


Moco said...

A matchmade in heaven.

The Army of Four said...

I just love stories with happy endings!!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, who wouldn't be in love with you at first sight, Tibby! You're such a cute girl! We can't wait to hear more of your story!
The yellow flower is a tulip, right?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Kasha said...

I love Tibby ! So dang cute! I also love this snazzy layout on your blog! Just stopping by to say hello!

Bruce said...

Hi Tibby...glad your owners are back and it looks like you'll be enjoying those treats for a long time!! Yum:)
I sure am enjoying your adopted story!


Hi Tibby,

What a great story about how you found your owners. Mommy just loves your butterfly post. We did you awhile back about butterflies too.

We did our Spring Flower post yesterday and want to thank you for being a part of it. Come on over and check it out when you have time.


-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi Tibby,

What a great story & how you found yur furever home!

Pretty flower!

-da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

Checkers said...

nice flower! - great story