Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Pets of the Week!

Hello Friends!
Thanks for all the kind words regarding Owner Boy's Grandma. I have been giving him lots of extra cuddles and kisses to comfort him. "Night" The kitty is still at the vets recovery from surgery, I know all the vibes being sent her way will help her be back home soon!

And now for the Pets of the Week:

This is Mayla!
She lives in South Dakota.

She has a soft voice, quiet nature and loves attention.
I know she looks nothing like me but the Tibby "look-a-like" we found at this shelter was adopted, so we decided to feature a "Beta look-a-like!"

If you live near Mayla and are looking for a kind kitty, you can find out more about her on her page at

This is Allie!
She lives in Texas.

She is a sweet girl that loves to be held and will make a great addition to any family!
She has a sweet face just like me, I know that Owner Boy has family in Texas so maybe I do too!

If you live near Allie and are looking for a cute companion, you can find out more about her on her page at

Are you looking for a forever friend but don't live near Mayla or Allie? Don't worry! Just go to and search for adoptable pets in your area!

Friday, February 27, 2009

The 27th of Februaury

Hello Friends.
Today is February 27, it is know in our house as Kelli Day (or Owner Girl Day to me). It is a made up holiday that Owner Girl used to observe by not going to school and going out to dinner or something special. There is a neat story about this day but I will have to tell it another time because I also have some sad news to report.

Today Owner Boy's Grandma passed away.

Although Owner Girl and I didn't know her that well, we can say that she was an incredibly sweet lady. She loved animals and had several fat (I mean well-fed) kitty cats. We will let Owner Boy share more if he wants but for now please keep him and all of the family in your thoughts.

Also today, OG's Mom kitty cat "Night"

had to have surgery due to a dog bite that left her with a bad infection. Last we heard she was out of surgery and doing alright, they expect her to recover fine as she is a young cat. Keep her and OG's Mom in your thoughts as well.

I am not sure how busy we will be in the next few days or so but please understand if I can't visit or post much. Thank you friends.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Brown

Hello Friends!
I made Owner Girl stop being "busy" with other things and help me play True Colors Thursday! This week's color was Brown, here is the stuff I found:

Lots of Owner Boy's eagle things have Brown on them...

Beta and Lynx both have Brown furs...

This scary looking Brown plant that Owner Girl found last summer, this Brown toad (also found last summer)...

my dog food is Brown, this super cool necklace I borrowed from Chad (OB's Brother) has Brown things on it, and these new towels in our bathroom are Brown...

Owner Girl also added a new Brown shirt to the Scurvy Tibby store!

Blue is the host of this meme. Stop by her blog and let her know if you want to play too!
Next Week's color is YELLOW!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Slacker

Hello Friends!
Sorry I have missed a few entries and haven't been visiting much! Owner Girl has really been slacking on helping me blog. We didn't get approvals to post Pets of the Week this past weekend so hopefully we will find twice as many this week! My Bingo game has kept us pretty busy plus Owner Girl has been trying to get the room all clean and organized and she is now trying to clean out the computer and get rid of files we don't need anymore. It's a slow process but I hope she will be finished with all of that soon! We are getting pretty tired of the cold weather too and can't wait for Spring to come so we can spend some more time outside! In other news Owner Girl's Sister should be having our new nephew or niece any day now! Anyways, I hope nobody forgot about little me! I'm pretty sure no one could forget this face!
Owner Girl has also spent some time setting up her own shop on It's called Scurvy Tibby (after me of course) and you can buy her t-shirt designs! There is even one with me on it!

She still has more to add but there are a few up there now.
ALSO! The sign up for Bingo Game 3 is now open don't forget to sign up if you want to play or if you are already playing you can just leave me a comment!
I hope to be back to my regular blogging schedule really soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Blue

Hello Friends!
Here are today's Bingo Numbers:

Before I get to the Blue things I found, I wanted to tell everyone to please stop by Bogart's Blog and wish him and his family well. His dad is very sick in the hospital and needs all the puppy prayers we can send!

Owner Girl's favorite color is Blue so I was sure we'd find some good stuff for this week!

The Blue blanket on our bed, the morning noise maker is Blue, this ball the Chinchilla runs around in is Blue...

This one wall is Blue in our bedroom (the other 3 are light blue), these Blue candle holders...

My dog food bin is Blue, this little scarecrow has a Blue hat, my Blue coat...

Blue Smart Water bottle, these cans that are still waiting to be recycled are Blue, this Blue star thingy, and Owner Girl's Blue car!

Blue is the host of this meme. Stop by her blog and let her know if you want to play too!
Next Week's color is BROWN!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Tongue Shots 101

Hello Friends!
Here are today's Bingo Numbers:

I don't know about you but I just love to throw in a tongue shot every now and then when Owner Girl is having one of her "photo shoots". Although many view the tongue shot as an accidental thing it is actually an art! Let me explain, there are many different types of tongue shots and I will show you just a few that Owner Girl has been lucky enough to capture.

Exhibit A:
The "On-The-Run" Tongue Shot

For use when you just don't have time to deliver a more advanced tongue shot.

Exhibit B:
The "The-Leash-Is-Over-There" Tongue Shot

Comes in handy when your Owner doesn't seem to notice that you would like to go outside.

Exhibit C:
The "Clean-Kitty-Cat" Tongue Shot

An excellent choice after a meal, also a great way to practice multitasking: grooming & giving a tongue shot.

Exhibit D:
The "Doggie-Raspberry" Tongue Shot

A sweet and innocent type of tongue shot. Works great for puppies.

Exhibit E:
The "Let-It-All-Hang-Out" Tongue Shot

Perfect for the times when you don't have a care in the world. You're happy and like the feeling of your tongue flapping in the wind.

Exhibit F:
The "Wrap-Around" Tongue Shot

For those times when you must perform a tongue shot and have some leftover food on the side of your face. Again with the multitasking!

Exhibit G:
The "Move-My-Tongue-So-I-Can-Bite-Your-Face" Tongue Shot

This is best when you must look ferocious! If you do it right you will even cause the "photographer" to produce an out of focus picture.

Exhibit H:
The "Cover-Your-Nose" Tongue Shot

A very useful tongue shot when there is something stinky in the air. (Pirate costume not required)

Exhibit I:
The "Licking-Me-Chops" Tongue Shot

When your mouth is watering as you think of your next meal or buried treasure you're about to find. (Pirate costume not required but is best for the full effect, arrrrgh!)

Exhibit J:
The "It's-So-Cold-My-Tonuge-Is-Stuck-To-My-Nose" Tongue Shot

For those cold Winter days when your toes are frozen and you don't want be out in the snow. If you have good control and can hold the position it may even get you an express ticket back into the nice warm house.

Exhibit K:
The "OH-MY-DOG!" Tongue Shot

Never underestimate the element of surprise! This tongue shot is all about exaggeration, big eyes and a long tongue.

Exhibit L:
The "Lazy-Days" Tongue Shot

A casual execution of the Tongue Shot. Best for those who don't want to put a lot of training and effort in.

Exhibit M:
The "Dignified" Tongue Shot

One of the most difficult Tongue Shots. To be able to strike an official looking pose and then deliver a tongue shot that doesn't even look out of place is pure talent.

I hope this has been an informative lesson for you all! I know there are many other types of tongue shots out there, do you have one? Post it on your bloggy and let me know!