Friday, February 27, 2009

The 27th of Februaury

Hello Friends.
Today is February 27, it is know in our house as Kelli Day (or Owner Girl Day to me). It is a made up holiday that Owner Girl used to observe by not going to school and going out to dinner or something special. There is a neat story about this day but I will have to tell it another time because I also have some sad news to report.

Today Owner Boy's Grandma passed away.

Although Owner Girl and I didn't know her that well, we can say that she was an incredibly sweet lady. She loved animals and had several fat (I mean well-fed) kitty cats. We will let Owner Boy share more if he wants but for now please keep him and all of the family in your thoughts.

Also today, OG's Mom kitty cat "Night"

had to have surgery due to a dog bite that left her with a bad infection. Last we heard she was out of surgery and doing alright, they expect her to recover fine as she is a young cat. Keep her and OG's Mom in your thoughts as well.

I am not sure how busy we will be in the next few days or so but please understand if I can't visit or post much. Thank you friends.


Teddy Bear said...

Oh, Tibby, we are so sorry to hear about your Owner Boy's grandma. Our prayers are with him. I hope you are giving him lots of hugs and kisses.

dewdana said...

So sorry to hear of your sad news. I think I recall your grandmother passed away recently too? These lovely ladies were both very lucky to live to be grandmothers but I know that does little to fill the void. Give OB our well wishes and I know Tibby will do her best to comfort him. Hope kitty hangs in there too 8-(

The OP Pack said...

Tibby, we are sorry to hear about the nice lady's passing. And we hope the kitty will be OK. Hope your weekend goes OK.

Woos, the OP Pack

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Sorry this year's Kelli Day will also be remembered for the day Owner Boys' Grandma passed away...

We'll be thinking of all!

Well fed khytties are a great idea ;-)

Paws khrossed fur the other khytty to rekhover from the surgery!


Mason Dixie said...

so sorry to hear about OB's Grandma, my mom still is sad over her Grandma passing 9 years ago, not a day goes by she doesn't think of her and her smile. She definitely knows how sad it is. And also glad to hear the surgery went well with the kitty, how did it happen?

Isis said...

i am so so sorry! she looks like a very sweet lady... its so sad when things like this happen. :( we will be thinking of you.
And hansel and Benny will too.

Lacy said...

w00f's Tibby, me sooo sorry OB's grandma passed will keep all of the family in me prayers and the little kitty tooo...

b safe,

Moco said...

We are sorry to hear of OB's sadness. We will be sending many vibes your way. They are adjustable and can be used for many things. Please use them as you wish. They are good for hoomans, cats, dogs and hammies.

Tracey and Huffle said...

I am sorry to hear about grandma, I am purring for owner boy.

I am also purring very hard for Night, what a cute kitty!

Huffle Mawson

Snowball said...

I am sorry to read about the passing of owner boy's grandma. She does look like a very sweet lady to me too.

We will keep your owner boy and his family in our thoughts. Please give them our deepest condolences.


Mango said...

We were sad to hear about your grandma. Will her kitties be moving in with you? Our thoughts are with your family.


SGR said...

Woof! Sorry to hear your sad news. Our deepest condolences. Woof! Sugar

Joey said...

Oh, Tibby, I'm so sorry to hear about Owner Boy's grandma. How very sad. I know you're a big comfort to your family, so take all the time you need to help them. And I hope little Night is doing better.

Your pal,