Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tibby's Not-So-Tricky Tuesday

Hello Friends!
I know today is supposed to be Tibby's Tricky Tuesday but Owner Girl was too lazy busy to get a picture of me doing this weeks trick! Or maybe it was that I wasn't being cooperative enough for her to get a picture of this weeks trick... I can't remember!
So, we are rescheduling our trickiness for Thursday (not nearly as cool, I know). In the meantime enjoy these funny pics of me and Chip!
Owner Girl just got lucky with these, maybe someday she will teach me to stick out my tongue as a trick! And then I can teach it to all my friends!

Oh! And speaking of friends, I have added a few more to my list!
Dozer & Cooper
Prince Jiro & Princess Ayako
Princess Isis
and last but not least my new friend Boomer!
He started his own blog and Owner Girl helped design his spiffy new layout!
I have soo many friends now! You can see all of them on my sidebar!
If you're not my friend but want to be please let me know! I may have forgotten a few pals on accident!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I should try to get Mom to khapture my tongue doing that too!

Woo are getting to be khwite the popular pup! KHONGRATS!


Bae Bae said...

That's still very cute photos of you doggies. I got your cute xmas card and the decoration. ;)
I'll send you a Chinese New Year card since I'm late to send you a xmas card now. ;)

~ Bae

Lorenza said...

Those are great pictures Tibby!
I will be waiting for your trick!
Kisses and hugs

Jiro@Rocky Loot said...

Hi Tibby,

Just drop by to wish you Happy New Year 2009, Wish you have lots of love and fun and healthy through out the year,
Knowing that you are 12 hours behind us ?? So I will be the receiving the first Sun light ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tibby! That would be a funny trick to stick your tongue out on purpose. You're so good at tricks!

Happy New Year!

Your friend,

Murphey said...

Tibby and Chip,



Mack said...

We love the tongue trick!!

Pedro said...


My mom helped me do a post a few months ago all about tongues! I have tons of pictures of my friends sticking their tongues out for that post. Tongue pictures are the best. I had a pet chicken named Chip! She went to live with some other chickens on an estate. Lucky chicken...


Dozer and Coop said...

Hi Tibby!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our blog. We wish you the very best 2009 too. Mum is enchanted with your header pictures, she thinks they are "simply elegant". She is thinking about redoing our blog to something a bit more - well, something. I suggested a dog cookie theme but she rolled her eyes!

See you in the New Year!


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Happy New Year! Those are great photos.


Persephone and Buster said...

hey tibby...thanks for visiting our blog...and seeing our scary snow kerry. the humomm had fun making it she told us all about it after we kilt it dead! we got more snow today so had more fun head shoveling in the snow!
theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms.Blue too