Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Neighbor Dog

Hello Friends!

Last weekend I got to go over to our neighbor's to play with the dog there! She has a really great fenced in yard and gets to run and run!

This is my neighbor dog, her name is Sadie! She is a Husky/ Boxer mix!

We ran around and played together for a little while!

Then I decided to play hide-n-seek. Do you see me hiding in the grass?!

I bet Sadie will never find me here!

OH! She found me! She is pretty good at that game!

After a while, Chip came over too and we all got to play together!

All that running around made me tired!

Playing with Sadie was lots of fun! But I was soo ready to go home and take a nap!

I sure hope I can go play with her again soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bingo Winners!

Hello Friends!
I am happy to announce that after a VERY long Bingo Game, we have not one but TWO pawsome winners!



Congrats to the winners and thanks so much for EVERYONE who played! We have been so bad about posting this month and haven't been updating the Bingo numbers like we should have so we really appreciate all the Bingo players that stuck with us!

We will have another Bingo Game when we get back into a regular posting schedule!
Hopefully soon! In fact, I have a fun adventure to share with all of you tomorrow, plus I got some great surprises in the mail recently! And I hope to join back in with True Colors Thursday this week too!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The 200th Post!!

Hello Friends!

Here are today's Bingo numbers:
15 . . . 65 . . . 24
(some pups have called out BINGO but no one has won yet. Remember that this game you have to get a bone shape in the center of the board to win!)


I am so happy that you stopped by to celebrate my 200th post!!!
I can't believe that I have been blogging for almost a whole year!

Thanks so much to everyone that has followed my adventures so far and I hope we have many many more fun things to share in the future!

Now lets see how much you have learned about ME in the last 200 posts!

The Tibby Quiz
1) What year was I adopted by The Owners?





Powered By:

Just take my quiz and you'll get a chance to win some super cool prizes! We will leave the quiz up for 1 week so that everyone gets a chance to play!
(PS: the last question is showing the wrong answer as right but I am sure you can all guess which one is right!)

Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for the Pets of the Week!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Pets of the Week!

Hello Friends!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Here are today's Bingo numbers:
50 . . 26 . . 39

Today we have some new adoptable pets to show you! I hope they all find great homes real soon!

This is Conner!
He lives in Michigan!

He is about 4 years old and a big boy! He likes car rides, plays well with other dogs and loves to be with people! He will need to be an only dog and is looking for a forever family that is committed to helping him stay in shape and lose a few pounds.

If you live near Conner and are looking for a handsome hound, you can find out more about him on his page at

Doesn't Conner look like my golden friend Joey!? They are both very handsome!

This is Princess!
She lives in Louisiana.

She just lost her caregiver and is now in need of a new home! She is 8 years old and 15 lbs. She is good with other dogs and children! She had been a constant companion to her caregiver and is now looking for a new someone to love!

If you live near Princess and are looking for a cute companion, you can find out more about her on her page at

Can you tell which of my friends she looks like? It's Lorenza, the stylish doxie from Mexico!

This is Azure!
He lives in Ohio.

He is about 2 years old and is so handsome and smart! He is afraid of men but is learning to overcome his fear. He is crate trained and potty trained! He's just waiting for a forever family to fall in love with him!

If you live near Azure and are looking for a furry friend, you can find out more about him on his page at

I think he looks like Joey's little brother Zeke!

Are you looking for a new forever friend but don't live near Conner, Princess or Azure?
Don't worry! Just go to and search for pets in your area!

Owner Boy's Mom will be having back surgery on Monday! Any prayers, thoughts and vibes would be greatly appreciated! We hope that the surgery goes as planned and that she is able to recover quickly! We also hope that this is the last surgery in our family for a little while!

Aso, my next post will be #200! I hope you all can stop by to see what we are doing to celebrate!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

TAG! The Cat's Collar

Hello Friends!

Here are today's Bingo numbers:
22 . . . 72 . . . 5

My friend Sprite tagged me to do play in a picture game!

Here are the rules:
1) open the folder that has your pet pics in it
2) choose one you haven't posted before
3) tell it's story
4) tag 5 friends!

So we went in search of a photo we hadn't posted about yet. Pretty much all of my pictures have been posted so we chose this one of The Cat (Beta) in her collar.

Owner Girl was hoping that The Cat (Beta) would be a good model for our cat collars over at Scruffy Dog Collars but her modeling skills are sorely lacking! It's too bad she is not talented like me! Owner Girl put a nice little bow on The Cat (Beta's) collar but it didn't last very long and was kinda hard to put on so that was another reason we never posted this pic. At least The Cat (Beta) is still wearing the collar! I guess it just goes to show that Scruffy Dog Collars are for cats too!

Now I have to tag 5 friends to play this game:
1. Petra
2. Abby
3. Honey
4. Millie
5. Mollie & Bobo

I can't wait to see what pictures and stories they have to share!

PS: Only 2 more posts until #200!! I have been thinking hard about how to celebrate and I think I have some great ideas!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Fireworks

Hello Friends!
Here are today's Bingo numbers:
59 . . . 7 . . . 69

It seems that Owner Girl has been slacking on my bloggy again! She just can't seem to stop staring at the new shiny ring she got last week... and she has been going to that stoopid work place a lot! But thanks for stopping by to see the super cool fireworks that we watched last weekend! We will be posting the pets of the week soon so be sure to stop back and check them out! (They will be under this post)

When it was time for the fireworks we all went to the front yard and set up our chairs and blankets to sit on.

We are so lucky that there is a pawsome fireworks show right across the street from our house!

I got to sit out on the lawn with The Owners and I wasn't even afraid of the loud noises those fireworks were making.

I got a little scared when all this big ones were going off at once.

There was something called a finale that was WAY LOUD!

Sadly there was a light pole in our view but we still got some neat pics!

This was what our road looked like after the fireworks were over. We were very happy that we were already home and didn't have to sit in that traffic!

Only a few more posts until #200!! I'm still not sure what to do to celebrate but I will try to think of something super fun and pawsome!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Big Party!

Hello Friends!

Here are today's Bingo numbers:
64 . . 25 . . 49

I have once again gotten very behind in posting and visiting! Please accept my apologies, especially those of you who are playing my Bingo game! It looks like I will have to have a serious talk with Owner Girl to remind her of her blogging duties!

Anyways, we have lots of exciting news! On the 5th of July we had a great big party at our house because there was a fireworks display right across the street! So we invited lots of peoples over to eat food and watch the fireworks with us!

Here are some of the red, white and blue cupcakes that Owner Girl made for the party!

The one on top was for her dad cuz his birthday was on the 3rd!

Owner Boy's niece Emma looked cute in her polka dot dress!

More good news is that Owner Girl's little sis Zoe got out of the hospital a few days ago! So she was able to come to the party too!

Her and Emma had matching dresses! They didn't even plan it!

Lucky for me a hot dog jumped off the grill so I got to have a piece of it!

I was the only doggy allowed outside for the fun party so I got lots of attention!

Here are some of the party guests I entertained...
Here's Lawrence (Owner Boy's Step Bro) & Ashley cuddled up before the fireworks!

And here's a picture of Chad (Owner Boy's Brother) and his girlfriend Tori

Here I am with Owner Girl and Zoe! And a pic of Owner Girl with her brother, Tevin, her mom and Zoe!

The biggest surprise of the night was when Owner Boy said he had to show Owner Girl something. Then he got down on one knee, pulled out a shiny ring and asked her to marry him in front of everyone at the party! Of course she said YES! Then everyone was saying congratulations and giving hugs and asking to see the new shiny ring! It was very exciting and Owner Girl was so surprised even though everyone else at the party already knew!
Here's a (not very good) picture of The Owners trying to show of the ring. We'll have to get a better one soon!

So anyways, that is my exciting news! I wonder if I will get to be the flower girl?! BOL!
Stop back tomorrow to see the super cool fireworks that we saw! I got to stay outside and watch them with everybody and I wasn't even afraid!